Special offers

If you talk about tasty snack items, then Beef Jerky is one of them. Beef jerky is full of proteins, so it is recommended for people who do regular physical exercises. Beef jerky is made from the best pieces of meat which are cut into several strips of equal size. Then those strips are smoked and dried to prepare this unique item. Finally, related and necessary herbal mixture is added in the process to make beef jerky a delight to eat. The food is lightweight as well as tasty to eat, hence people who find it quite helpful to digest even. Beef jerky is addictive in nature, it is hard to resist yourself from eating beef jerky repeatedly once you start eating. The biggest advantage of Beef Jerky is that the quality of the meat remains unaffected for months. The taste of our Beef Jerky is unparalleled compared to another beef jerky available in different parts of the world. The origin of beef jerky lies in South America though it is believed that Indians first prepared such item. Overall Beef Jerky is a popular item and we do prepare the same with utmost care.

As a part of Branding and Promotion, some special offers are always on the cards. We used to promote our beef Jerky which is undoubtedly the best one in the market. It is a mixed bag of various items with different options and people do like it from their heart.
In our current special offer, these are from us:

Firefat =
2x Sweet Chilli Gold Jerky
2x Hot Chilli Gold Jerky
2x Chili Biltong
2x Piri Piri Biltong
2x Chili Droewors